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Essential Ways on How to Make Your Paper Longer

An essay is a group of paragraphs in regards to one subject.  A standard essay consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The paragraph is defined as part of a larger whole. The introductory paragraph provides the first information about the selected topic and contains a thesis statement. The body consists of 1, 2 or 3 paragraphs, while the conclusion is one paragraph with the final statement.  

A long essay is defined as a writing task consisting of three pages, 3,000 words or more. The standard essay format consists of the introduction, body paragraph and a conclusion. 

Tips to lengthen the essay

To make the paper longer – there are several pieces of advice. The writer may use a larger font or popular ones such as Courier New, Cambria, Arial or Bangla Sangam  MN. Another trick may be to apply font sizes such as 11 pt., 11.1, 11.2, 11.5 and use commas and periods. 

Thus, the spacing may be adjustable in a way to apply single or double spacing so as to increase the number of pages. The header fonts may be increased as well. Be sure to add your name, the title, the number of the course, the date, the name of a mentor, number of ID cards and/or email. 

It is recommended to use a lot of descriptive words in the essay. At the end of each paragraph, try to add specific pronouns with names and expand all the contracted words. Try to expand each paragraph into 4 sentences. The first phrase at the beginning of every paragraph explaining what the paragraph is about. Thus, you may add a phrase to present a real-life example of the ideas to be concluded and a phrase to explain your statements. 

Use as many as possible phrases or words to transition the meaning of the text. The most common phrases are: in light of, of course, demonstrating that, 

Useful phrases

The recommended phrases are, therefore, firstly, secondly, in conclusion, likewise, equally so, however, because of this, whereas, this illustrates that, indeed, as a matter of fact, on the other hand, with regards to this, by the same token, despite that fact, in the final analysis, on the occasion of, the majority of, until, to put it another way, as a consequence, with this in mind, under these circumstances etc.  

Separate the more complex paragraphs into the smaller ones and rearrange. Writing certain quotes will expand the essay and broaden the essay structure. Use ''to be'' words, turn verbs into nouns and write more descriptively.

Write so that each paragraph has a topic and a concluding sentence that states the argument. 

The use of transitional phrases is a skill to lengthen the essay to jump from one idea to others.

To be able to speed up the writing process, allow yourself a quiet working place, take breaks after a few paragraphs and do not schedule further appointments. Moreover, you can get help from professional writing services, but be sure to check some reviews at RankMyService to avoid substandard services with a bad reputation.

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