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Writing Narrative Essays

Narrative writing is one of the main essay styles. The other types are Argumentative Essays, Descriptive Essays, and Expository Essays.

Narrative essays have a dominant point in which the story revolves around. Most of the time, they tell stories based on personal experiences. Narrative essays consist of factual stories. They follow the chronological and rational development of events. It is common for an author to make use of tales to capture the reader’s interest. Tales help the reader to relate to the storyline.

There are three essential qualities adopted by narrative essays. These three traits will help you write a successful speech. One, it makes a vital point. Two, they are well structured in time. And three, they encompass detailed facts that support the dominant theme.

The Essay Structure

An effective speech does not need to belong as the paper can be five paragraphs long and still be functional. Narrative essays follow a fundamental outline, just like other essays.

  1. The introduction:  It is the essay’s foundational paragraph. The introduction acquaints the reader with the subject matter. It should be interesting enough to capture the attention of the reader.
  2. The Body: It’s the core of the essay. The body comprises of up to 5 paragraphs most of the time. Use an example in each section to back up the overall theme. It may be a personal tale or an event worth mentioning.
  3. The Conclusion: It is the last paragraph of your essay. The conclusion is a culmination of your speech. A majority of authors enhance it with a monologue or food for thought.

Essay Topics

One of the toughest parts of writing essays is finding the perfect topic. A strong theme choice defines the success of the entire essay piece. You need an event you can narrate in a structured and well-thought-out essay. Below are ideas that can inspire you to find the perfect theme.

  • A risky or aggressive experience
  • A journey you will remember
  • A catastrophic date
  • An instant of failure that was memorable
  • An auspicious moment that was memorable
  • A life-transforming experience
  • Practices that taught me a lesson
  • A significant misunderstanding
  • A comical misunderstanding
  • Judging the book by the cover
  • The one thing I cannot live without
  • A wedding to remember
  • My earliest memories
  • The most significant news I ever heard
  • Natural disaster: How I survived
  • My secret place
  • A funeral to remember
  • My favorite invention
  • A significant discovery
  • The time I got lost
  • A significant event that I witnessed
  • The animal I wish I were
  • My dream job
  • The day I recognized my mother or father was right
  • The funniest experience
  • My visit to an imaginary world
  • A near-death experience
  • A memorable vacation
  • The time when all went wrong or right
  • My first day away from my family
  • The two sides of a particular event
  • A feat of rebellion
  • A fantasy chance meeting with a specific person
  • A significant encounter with a prominent person
  • A dream trip to your favorite destination
  • The day I felt rejected
  • My first trip to the big city
  • Technology is not worth all the trouble
  • A strange encounter
  • The most frightening encounter
  • My most embarrassing experience

Final Thoughts

Scholars like this style of writing because it permits the author to explore their creativity. It allows them to omit a strict structural code of practice. Whatever topic you pick, your essay reader must find it fascinating. Choose an essay topic that you are passionate about. You are most likely to succeed with a subject you love even if you order en essay at scholarship essay writing service.

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