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The synthesis essay

The synthesis essay is a type of argument essay that describes the thesis statement from the writer’s perspective. This type of writing paper is frequently applied when writing about emerging issues. In general, the synthesis is a description of a certain topic while presenting it in the form of a coherent whole. 

The types of synthesis essays are expository essay, compare and contrast essay, cause and effect essay, and the analysis essay. To get a top-notch scholarship essay writing help with any of these paper types, follow the link provided.

The structure of the synthesis essay

The synthesis essay consists of the introductory part (a hook, an overview, thesis statement), the body paragraph and the conclusion. The body paragraph must consist of the topic sentence,  description of the topic structure, example and the source presentation.  Upon deciding the topic, it is necessary to have dubious research and plan the paragraph structure in detail. It is recommended to title each section of the paragraphs.

The title must describe the main paper topic. In case added quotations, it is necessary to write all the quotations’ s. 

In the writing paper, try to outline the type of sources, main points, historical context, how the material is presented, any bias or agenda, type of evidence, how text is related to the topic and how to support or oppose the thesis.

In the body paragraph, identify the major points, analyze the source, decide how much and what type of comments are the most suitable option for the essay. If paraphrasing, try to transpose the original material into your own words. Thus, draw a conclusion based on the important information provided.

In the synthesis essay, it is necessary to describe the topic in detail. Each scientific reference must be checked thoroughly, thus explained and elaborated. To explain the main thesis, it is necessary to follow the main plot and add as much information as needed.  Try to avoid dull writing and the five-paragraph pattern.

For example, two forms of sources may be included: textual and non-textual. Textuals are essays, articles, fiction, drama and poetry. Non-textual are photos, charts, graphs, art, editorial cartoons and newspaper pages.

In this type of essay, it is necessary to read critically, understand and analyze texts, develop an attitude on a given topic and incorporate and cite the most appropriate cite sources. The most important steps to master the writing of an essay is to research the topic, brainstorm, jot down the first drafts, edit, revise =, have feedback and finalize the paper.

Editing the essay

While editing, make sure to review, edit and proofread the words and typographical errors. 

The main purpose of the synthesis essay is to explain the most rational argument. It evaluates the writer's as well as the reader's ability to understand and apply the same thesis. Additionally, it is necessary to appropriately cite and place references.  

In the conclusion, include information from sources that you have not applied prior. Moreover, present the topic sentence, refer to the source with the strong statement and design the final point. The main aim of the conclusion is to restate the thesis in an understandable context.

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