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Argumentative Essay Subject Choices

Most curricula in schools all over the world have essays as part of student learning.  Argumentative essays form a crucial component of essays, and they assist students in understanding more concerning a specific subject matter of a course. It is therefore important for a student to know how to write solid argumentative essays as they are graded based on how good they write their papers.

Picking an Excellent Argumentative Essay Subject

Topics form a foundation upon which essays get written. Great topics, therefore, leads to excellent argumentative essays while weak ones lead to poor and unattractive essay piece. Most students have a challenge in picking a great subject. So for you to choose an excellent topic, pay attention to your chosen theme.

Your subject has to be unique and not one that everybody else has as their subject as well. It also has to have easily accessible data and information to make your writing process more straightforward. Additionally, it must be a subject that is controversial as in the absence of conflict; it can’t qualify as argumentative because everyone will approve of everything. Finally, ensure your topic is interesting enough for both you and your audience to be captivating enough.

Examples of the Argumentative Essay Subjects    

  • Is the prevailing system of taxation effective?
  • Is there a disparity between men and women within the corporate zone? Are men paid more?
  • Is Shakespeare supposed to institute a portion of the curricula in college at the moment?
  • Acquiring a university degree is value for money
  • Are exam scores an effective means of judging a student’s competency?
  • Life without faith is incomplete
  • The current crop of students faces more social pressure than past student regimes
  • Your past should not define your character
  • What are the appropriate measures to handle U. S’s gun control?
  • Girls are not supposed to pick STEM programs
  • The relationship impact of #metoo movement
  • Parenting has to be gender-neutral. Definition of role shouldn’t take place
  • Beauty magazines have to stop model photo-shopping
  • Someone well-read doesn’t mean they are smart
  • Parents should not administer corporal punishment to their children
  • It is wicked to refute a financially handicapped patient treatment
  • Should there be unification of North and South Korea?
  • Capitalism vs Socialism. What can benefit society more?
  • Is homeschooling better than other systems of education in public institutions?
  • Smartphones do assist with the learning processing
  • Is co-education superior to a single-sex system of learning?
  • What are the reasons for celebrity idolization among teens?
  • Teenagers favor social media talking than personal physical mode because they feel comfortable
  • Should the tattooing of children aged 18 or lower legalized?
  • Is there an after death life?
  • Facing an unpleasant experience in high school shapes one’s personality
  • The society thrives on equality of gender
  • Politics have no chance of fairness and cleanliness
  • Kids can’t be handed cell phones
  • Mothers are better natural parents
  • Should the age factor in relationships?
  • Is high school’s hate crime rising?
  • Disciplines that should comprise candidates for removal in high school
  • Hard work isn’t the only ingredient for success
  • What is the appropriate age for starting school?
  • Should students assess their teachers?


Choosing the right argumentative essay subject is critical for a compelling and captivating essay. The guidelines and topics provided will help you pick the right theme for your essay piece. However, you also need to adhere to other essay-writing guidelines to ensure your essay is top rate.

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