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Argument writing prompts for students

The most prevalent type of essay is a persuasive or opinion essay. For opinion essay, the author states an idea and gives facts and arguments to buttress the point of view. Essays’ goal is to persuade the audience to share the author’s point of view. Students who do copywriting jobs online always underrate the strength of their opinions. The following argument writing prompts can inspire students to think and write persuasively.


Prompts concerning sports and school

Sports and school-related subjects often provoke a robust point of view in students. The following prompts can start a brainstorming process.

  1. Changes: It addresses opinions about the much-needed changes in your school, such as bullying, dress code, etc.
  2. Special guest speaker:  This prompt will elicit views on school intention to choose a famous personality to deliver presentation or speech to students.
  3. Homework overload: The prompt is to provoke ideas to convince teachers to reduce the number of allocated homework assignments to students.
  4. Sports: It addresses varied views on the best sporting activity and its reasons
  5. Class trip: It about an essay persuading students to choose a particular place for a class trip


Relationship prompts

Dating, friendships can be exasperating and rewarding. These prompts concerning relationships will help students discover their feelings about negative and decisive moments in their lives.

  1. Snitch: Your friend informs you of the strategy to cheat in an examination. Should you tell the teacher?
  2. Relationship and friendship: Place of romantic relationships in life
  3. Driving age: What is the optimum age for kids to legally start driving
  4. Dating: Effects of long-term dating relations in teenagers
  5. Elders: Is respect to the elderly absolute, or should they earn?
  6. Fun times: Which fun activity have you engaged with your best friend
  7. Negativity: Should we severe ties with relatives and friends who are always negative


Prompts for leisure time, pets and family

These are prompts connected to pets, family, and leisure time. It assists students to think about ethics, integrity, and preferences.

  1. Books versus movies: Between books and movies, which is the best for leisure time?
  2. Weekend walks: Which is your best weekend activity staying indoors or taking a walk in the neighborhood
  3. Zoo debate: Explain the ethics of keeping animals in the zoos
  4. Pets’ presence: Should there be a restriction on the places pets can allow checking in.
  5. Print or digital: Do you prefer reading print or digital books, and why?
  6. Inspiring stories: Which is the most scintillating book or movie you have ever read or watched? Explain?
  7. Vacation day: In your opinion, what is the most significant way to spend your holiday vacation and why?


Prompts on technology and society

Technology and the people around us influence our lives. These prompts inspire students to reflect on the impact that technology and society advances have on our daily lives.

  1. Social media: Explain the impact that social media has had on our society
  2. Reverse technology: Choose a technological advancement that has negatively affected our lives. Explain and persuade the audience
  3. Emoji: Can emoji adversely affect our writing capability to express ourselves 
  4. Inventions: What is the most significant technological design that the world has ever had
  5. Plastic bags: To keep our environment clean we should avoid the use of plastic bags
  6. Video games: In general, do video games impact teenage boys positively or negatively
  7. Important cause: What is the global issue or problem that merits more attention

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