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Outlining A Gun Control Essay With Pro And Against Topics

Historical origins of gun control

Gun control is defined as the presence of legal restrictions on arms in order  to do no harm to civil society. A gun control laws origin from Ancient Rome. In that period, arms were constructed for the battle armies, but it was forbidden from crossing the Rubicon until Julius Caesar violated it.

In 1689, An Act Declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Settling the Succession of the Crown was declared. In 1789, the US Constitution prevented the maintenance of standing armies during the peace period. 

The types of gun control essay

There are several types of gun control essay such as a descriptive gun essay, definition gun control essay, compare and contrast gun control essay, cause and effect essay on gun control, narrative gun control essay, process gun control essay, argumentative gun essay, critical gun control essay, expository essay on gun control and persuasive gun control essay. 

An expository essay is to describe the issue of the current trends in gun control. In the case of persuasive gun control essay – it is necessary to convince a pro-control lobbyist for more strict regulations. A critical gun control essay describes the advantages and disadvantages of its subject. A process gun control essay defines how to reach from point A to point B in the process of gun control. A definition of gun control essay elaborates different point of views for this topic. 

In the research process, it is recommended to define the topic, do detailed research, describe your personal opinion about gun control.

The gun control essay

The gun control essay is one of the forms of an argumentative essay. A gun control essay starts with an introductory part, the 3 body paragraphs and the conclusion. According to The Guardian, it has been estimated that there are more than 30,000 lethal outcomes in the US per year due to gun shooting.  

The firearms and a mass shooting is something continuously challenging issue. The problem of a mass shooting is a current challenge – thus, preventable if more preventive measures are taken. The majority of the individuals stated that they have guns so to be able to defend themselves or have higher personal protection. In general, it is postulated that guns should not be outlawed. 

The preventive measures aim to decrease deaths, violent crimes and threats. The law in regards to gun control is different according to the state. In certain regions, there are stricter laws in regards to gun ownership. It is known that harder gun control regulations will reduce crime and accidents.

Pro and against campaigners are held frequently with the mass media coverage. In those presentations, usually presented by several professionals.

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